Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Business Case for Wicket

I believe that Wicket is a very economical choice of web framework for various reasons. It supports an object oriented, modular architecture in exemplary fashion. That makes code reusable and easy to maintain. The philosophy of "no magic" and the restriction of scope to the realm of web user interface make it possible to understand for the framework on a deep level. Wicket is written entirely in Java. This allows the programmer to debug his web application from end to end. It also makes for a very shallow technology stack: there is simply less code to understand and debug. That in turn expands the talent pool if you're trying to find programmers: you can concentrate on hiring the right people instead of the people with the right buzzwords on their resumes.

I have been complaining on the wicket-users list that more could be done to push wicket for business reasons. In future posts, I'll expand on the above points and try to show why Wicket could be right for your business.

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